CPVC Pipes

CPVC Pipes is a thermoplastic material made from CPVC compound and is manufactured as per Japanese Technology. It is long lasting and cost effective solution for the hot and cold water. Pipes are available in complete range from 1/2″ to 2″ sizes as per copper tube size (CTS). Pipes are available in sizes SDR 11 and SDR 13.5 as per IS 15778 and Fittings in SDR 11 as per ASTM D-2846. Threaded inserts in the transition fittings are made from brass withstand chemical corrosion at the elevated temperatures. The choice of the raw material, the structural accuracy and the strict quality control give the Surya CPVC system a high degree of reliability which is the most suitable, easy and economical solution for transportation and distribution of potable water. It is technically superior, cost effective and offers many advantages over metallic and other conventional systems.

These pipes can be used in :

  • Building, Plumbing
  • Water Distributor Mains Swimming Pool
  • Salt Water Lines
  • Pipes for Hand Pumps
  • Industrial Process Lines like Dye Houses
  • Plating Industry
  • Sugar, Paper & Breweries
  • Coal Washing & Ash Handling
  • Aggressive / Corrosive Fluid Transportation etc.